Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross, is a popular devotion practiced primarily by Catholics during Lent.  Though a Lenten tradition, the Stations are a source of devotion during the year as well.  The practice of Stations was a practice of early Christian pilgrims who would travel to Jerusalem to be there during the Holy Days and walk “the Via Delorosa”.  

The Stations were adopted by Franciscans who were the custodians of the Holy Places.  They provided for Catholics, a way to meditate on the Way of the Cross.  It is a rare church today that does not have their Stations for meditation. 

In 1975, during the time of Pope Paul VI, a new form of the Stations was presented that related more directly to scripture.  For example, the traditional versions stations have no direct reference to Jesus falling three times or Veronica’s presentation of her veil to Our Lord on His Way to Calvary.  It is this form of the Stations that are installed in our church. 

During Lent we have a tradition at Saint George of Soup and Stations in which our parish gathers an hour before Stations on Friday night for soup in the John Prince Parish center.  This is followed by a presentation of the Scriptural Stations in our Church in a meditative form by a deacon reader, altar servers, and musical accompaniment in a darkened church.

At Our Lady of Good Counsel, the Stations are more traditional, with the Priest or deacon and altar servers visiting each of the 14 traditional stations.  The traditional form has more participation by those gathered for the devotion. 

We are presenting both versions of the Stations on our website.  The Traditional Stations as installed in our neighbor parish, Our Lady of Good Counsel, in West Trenton, and the Pope Paul VI Scriptual version as installed in our Church.

Click HERE for Traditional Version          Click HERE for Scriptural Version