Catholic Links

There is a wealth of information out there on the WEB about our faith.

We have selected a few sites that should "give the 'old browser' a good workout".

We have additionally placed them into categories.




Of General Interest - Catholic Resources:

Incarnation Saint James School   K-8

Incarnation-St. James School is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. We follow the New Jersey Core curriculum as well as the Trenton Diocesan curriculum. In addition, we offer art, music and computer science for all grades, as well as Spanish and honors math for the upper grades.

Our Lady of America

Prayer A site for Prayer

Essential Catholic Prayers

Catholic Conservation.  A site dedicated to canservation, pro-life and faithfully adhering to the the teachings of the Magesterium of the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Spiritual Direction Website

A Great New Catholic Web Site  

The Daily Catholic

WFJS 1260 am Catholic Radio 24/7

Holy Spirit Radio   1570 AM
Catholic Radio 24 Hours a Day!

Another Catholic Radio Site:  This one is on the INTERNET  
Radio Maria


Facts on Adoration of the Holy Eucharist and the Real Presence

The Defender Helping Catholics to defend their faith  

The Betania Miracle Site.  See and hear details on this event.

CATHOLIC LEAGUE  for Religious and Civil Rights 

American Catholic  A great website for Catholic books and other items.

Catholic Corner

37 Search Engines -  This site rarely lets us down.  

EWTN  Eternal Word Television Network

Catholic Interest and Research

The Vatican

The 1997 Catholic Internet Directory

The Catholic Web Site

American University Catholic Resources

The Catholic Information Network

Catholic Pages

Religious Education on the World Wide Web for Catholics.   Site of interest.

Catholic Answers (Keating)

Et Cum Spiritu Tuo  Catholic Growth and Reference Material

Peter's Net   Catholic search engine with reviews of other sites.  Discussion etc.

Catholicity  -  A web City of Catholics 

ChristLife  Evangelization, Renewal and Christian Unity

Canadian Catholic Resources

Suite  Real People Helping Real People

New Advent

Catholic Merchandise

Tours and Pilgrimages  Mediatrix Tours  

Drifted Away?

Father Larry Lynch was killed on Okinawa, Apr. 24, 1945
His biography is presented here from the Saint Martin's Parish in Bethpage L.I.

A prize-winning website from the Monks of Adoration in Venice Florida

US Conference of Catholic Bishops







There are getting to be hundreds if not thousands of Pro-Life Sites
Here are but a few

Life Issues - Up to date website and source for our Pro-Life Updates 

Pro Life Union Inc  An especially good source for vigils as is Bucks County Pro-Life

Susan B. Anthony List Website

Directory of Pro-Life Sites

The Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition

The national web site for Priests for Life.  It is updated daily.

This site points to sites showing the results of this terrible procedure.  
It points to graphic material.

InterLife - Your ONE-STOP site for Pro-Life Information

Pro-Life People are non-violent

Here is an organization that should give us all heart.
Presbyterians Pro-Life

Susan Logan's Story   Safe and Legal Abortion

National Right to Life News   

The Church of the Holy Innocents - Garment District New York City
This church is dedicated to the unborn  


The American Life League

Pro-Life Apparel

The Pro-Life list from Marian Communications        

WWW Links > Life Links

The ULTIMATE Pro-Life list  

Adoption Prayers    of Scott, Mary Lisa, Dylan, Connor & Megan

US Conference of Catholic Bishops - ProLife Page


Catholic Organizations

Of course the list would not be complete without referencing the Hopewell Council
for the Knights of Columbus... Council Number 7103
Click Here to get to it.

Women for Faith and the Family This is a very informative website for information on our faith
and of matters concerning Catholic families.

The Christophers -  "It's better to light one candle, than to curse the darkness"

Covenant Keepers: An Organization for Catholic Dads

The Pro-Life Page for St. Bartholomew's Parish in Providence R.I.



Prayer and Adoration

The site of the Marians of the Immaculate Conception.  The National Shrine of the Divine Mercy, The Marian Helpers  Chaplet of the Divine Mercy

How to Pray the Chaplet of The Divine Mercy
(On ordinary rosary beads) (Diary, 476)

Daily Prayer

How to pray the Rosary

Morning Star House of Prayer - Villa Victoria




Sites Pointing at Sites


These sites are presented here as a starting point to your Catholic browsing.

The Diocese of Trenton.

Catholic Goldmine

The ABOUT sites are excellent starting points.

A fine starting point in the journey is   This site is the Catholic Press site. 

This site is from the church of St. Francis of Assisi in Brant Beach.  
There is a lot of good reference material here.

Cyndi's Lists are around for all sorts of things.  Here she has done one for our faith.

Here is the Calendar page of Cyndi's List

Web Page by and for Teens   REALFAITH TV  -  

This site points at a number of other churches and diocese.   It also contains all sorts of resources. is the site of Catholic Answers the show on EWTN



Sites for the Saints


The Daughters of Saint Paul have an excellent site in which a given saint is honored every day.

To find the Saint for any day go to 

The 100 Top Catholics of the 20th Century

This site has an index of the Saints and the Saint of the Day

Another good site for the Saint of the Day is Catholic-Forum.  This site has the better 
set of paintings, icons and photographs of the Saints.  

Saints Alive -  A part of the web site of Saint Thomas the Apostle Church in Rochester N.Y.

The site for the Franciscan Friars of Loretto, Pennsylvania.  
This town is also the home of St. Francis College.

American has a fine Saint of the Day page at

Here is the site of a graduate student at the Univ. of Pitt with the Lives of the Saints

Saint Benedict Center - Good description of the lives of a few selected saints.

To obtain Butler's Lives of the Saints on CD-ROM -  Harmony Media Inc.

A wonderful website with music and the lives of the Saints. 


 The Order of the Magnificat of the Mother of God


Catholic Colleges 

American School Search    All 270 colleges in the USA that are currently associated with the Roman Catholic Church

Complete List of all Catholic Colleges in the United States

Steubenville University - Franciscan College near Pittsburgh Pa.

DeSales University - Allentown, Pa. (formerly Allentown College of Saint Francis DeSales)

Saint Francis University - Loretto, PA 15940  

Cabrini College -  Radnor, Pennsylvania

Christendom College - Front Royal, VA 22630

Vocations for Men


Catholic History

While not particularly catholic, the History of the Holidays offers some fine historical information
from Bill Petro,
your neighborhood historian

We hear so much in the secular press about the role of Pope Pius XII and the Holocost.  Here is the rebuttal.
Point by Point Rebuttal by Church Historian, Dr. Peter Gumpel

For our Pennsylvania friends, here is a link to Geneological information.

The Catholic Information Network


Catholic Shrines (within visiting range)

The Web site for Catholic Shrines in the US

National Shrine and Basilica in Washington D.C.

The Church of the Holy Innocents - Garment District New York City
This church is dedicated to the unborn 

The Shrine of Saint Bishop John Neumann in Philadelphia

The National Shrine of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, Emmittsburg Md.

The Shrine of Saint Rita of Cascia, South Broad St. Philadelphia

The National Shrine for Our Lady of Guadalupe, Allentown, Pa.

The Blue Army Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima, Washington, NJ

Rosary Shrine, Summit, N.J.

Catholic Art and Music


Here is a great site to visit with the great works of art about Mary, the Old Testament and other
items of interest.

Here is a site with Catholic art for sale

If you have audio on your computer, just select one of these two as performed by the choir of 
Saint Martin of Tours Choir as they performed in the Shrine of the Imaculate Conception in Washington DC

If your connection is on a modem instead of the cable you will find it to take a while loading.

It is suggested that you select  audio only   the video is 20 Meg and takes quite a while.

Catholic Music

Here are a number of sites on various websites that deal with the message of our faith through the media.

This site points to the various publishers among other things

Catholic Literature 

Search The Catechism

The New American Bible

The Catholic Theology Library 

Harmony Media Inc.  (Butler's Lives of the Saints and other fine materials)

Our Sunday Visitor  Home Page of the popular weekly magazine.  On line version.



Catholic Magazines and Books

The Daily Catholic

Looking for one of those old Missals, or other used Catholic books, try St. Stephens Book Exhchange.

This Rock  This Rock is a magazine of apologetics and evangelization. Top Catholic writers explain 
the faith and defend it against misrepresentations and misunderstandings. Particular emphasis is put on 
he scriptural, historical, and rational grounds for Catholic teachings. All articles reflect Catholic orthodoxy

    The California Mission  The California Mission is a new magazine whose goal is to promote the "new
evangelization" that has been announced by Pope John Paul II. Why subscribe to the California Mission? 
Quite simply, because our magazine is unique. No other publication brings together all the things that we do:

    Envoy Magazine  The Holy Father's call for a "New Evangelization" requires that the 
Catholic laity be not only knowledgeable about the Faith, but also prepared to explain it intelligently, 
defend it charitably, and share it effectively. Envoy. is an instrument at the service of the local and 
universal Church to accomplish this task.

The Catholic Almanac On-Line  

Alternative Stations of the Cross by Monsignor Ravesi as led by the Holy Father, Benedict XVI 2007
From the Vatican

The Tridentine Latin Mass

Online Tutorial of the Tridentine Latin Mass according to the 1962 Missale Romanum (Roman Missal)



Catholic Liturgy

The Vatican and The Holy Father
Here is a great site on the Holy Father.

Election 2000:  The Role of Our Church
This Harris Poll shows the effect of Catholics voting.  We do make a difference.





Other Churches in and around the Diocese

The Diocese of Trenton Web Page 

Other Churches in the Diocese Listing from the Diocese Web Site

Saint James, Pennington

Saint Catherine Church, Middletown, N.J.

Saint Francis of Assisi, Brant Beach

Saint. Thomas of Villanova - Surf City

Saint. Thomas of Aquinas - Beach Haven

Saint. Clare's -  Loveladies

Saint Mary of the Lakes - Medford N.J.  

Our Lady of Sorrows - Mercerville

Saint Michael's Church - Trenton

Church of the Holy Name - Delran

St Isaac Joques - Marlton

Sacred Heart (school) - Mount Holly N.J.

Holy Eucharist Church - Tabranacle 

Saint Jerome - W. Long Branch 

If you know of a church in the diocese that is not listed here, please send us a note.

The Diocese List of Churches with and without web pages.





Other Church Web Sites in the Country


Other Churches in the Country

Looking for the website for a particular diocese in the country?

Another excellent site for listings is that on About Christianity - Catholic
US Catholic Parishes on the Web

Saint Monica's Daily Readings:  This site is often used for our web page at St. George.
A spiritual e-mail to start your day

St. Thomas the Apostle Roman Catholic Church, Rochester, New York
All kinds of links at this church's website



Useful Sites for Other Things


Another great source of material for the day.  A calendar site.

The Vatican is always a good source

Looking for information from the Bible?   Here is the real thing.  The Catholic American Bible

Great Articles from Faith Magazine

The Saints - Source for this website 

A great Catholic Calendar Page

Another great calendar page  from Esterbrooks Software

An On-Line Catholic Store  Catholic items of all kinds.







Catholic Chat Sites

This is a typical chat site for Catholics

Here is an interesting site called Catholic Talk Radio.  It has some pre-recorded audio.